my gold fish tank

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Re: my gold fish tank

Unread post by Romi » Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:50 pm


you have done an excellent job! I suspected it was articial grass, but the roundness u achieved made be think again. This is actually a good goldfish tank because they usually mouth live plants, unless u use tough ones. Who can afford so many anubias and java fern? more importantly, who can maintain so many plants (your client might not care enough to do it).

The goldfish in the center is the best in the lot, goldfish have a different beauty alright. But we don't have high quality standards in them any longer. There was a time when u could get world class goldfish from Anand Parbat. Wish i had looked after them bettter !

Great effort, that shows each species needs a different approach. Your use of rocks in combo with the rounded artificial grass shows good taste.

hey! update your location :thumup

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